gottheiner ltd., contemporary art gallery

EFFIGY (Don't you love me anymore)
etching with laser engraving
ed: 35
26.75" X 20.5"

"Effigy (don't you love me anymore?) ... is a[n] interpretative portrait of the contemporary art collector Michael Ovitz. ... The artist chose Ovitz as subject inspired by a fall-out in their professional relationship. An exchange of power is presented here whereby the collector becomes the subject matter and a targeted figure - in this case maligned and scorned for a past injustice and exposed for a past grievance that was never righted. ... The preparation of the print's intaglio plates utilized new tools to manipulate the acids and etches on the copper plate surfaces. It was discovered that medicinal hypodermic needles delivered delicate acid washes and spit bite solutions in very unique ways. Made from several intaglio plates, using all the techniques of intaglio: spit bite, aquatint and drypoint, with a final run of laser engraved burn pattern, penetrating the paper surface, in some areas burning right through the paper surface."

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