gottheiner ltd., contemporary art gallery

Born: Sept. 1, 1964, New York City

1993-1996 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
1982-1986 Harvard University, summa cum laude in Physics

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2008     “Large Hadron Collider“,Vernon Gallery, Prague, CzechRepublic
2005     “Simulations”, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York
2004     Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York
2003     "Solar", Art Resources Transfer, New York
2002     "macro-mini", Vernon Fine Art International, Prague 
              "Macrocosm", Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York
2000     "Little Corner of the World", Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York
1995     Galerie Radost, Prague
1994     The Globe, Prague
1989     Mid-Hudson Arts & Sciences Center, Poughkeepsie, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2006     “Science As Muse,” Montgomery Center for the Arts, Skillman, NJ
2004     “DNA: Art & Science”, University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum 
                Art Miami (with Cynthia Broan Gallery)
2003     "Before and After Science", Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan 
                Scope Art Fair (with Cynthia Broan Gallery) 
                Art Chicago (with Cynthia Broan Gallery)
2002        "Some Are Painting II", Educational Alliance, New York 
                 “Vivid”, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Center, Coventry; N.Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland 
                 "DNA", Art Resources Transfer, New York (Hallway Space project)
2001       "Vivid", Richard Salmon Gallery, London 
                "Blotto", Klein Art Works, Chicago 
                "Re: Duchamp”, S. Maria Ausiliatrice, Venice (concurrent with Biennale); Istanbul Biennial 
                "Some Are Painting", John Gibson Gallery, New York 
                "Oomph", Klein Art Works, Chicago 
                "New American Talent 16", Jones Center for Contemporary Art, Austin
2000       "Winter Paper", Catherine Moore Gallery, New York 
                "Flatfiles Traveling Exhibition", Pierogi 2000 Gallery @ Post Gallery, Los Angeles, Yerba Buena Arts Center, San Francisco) 
                "Substance", Neoimages Gallery, New York 
                "Pix", Lance Fung Gallery, New York 
                "Yard Sale", Downtown Arts Festival, New York 
                "(In)visible", Wittman Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver 
                "Summer Paper", Catherine Moore Gallery, New York 
                "Loopy", Gallery Korea, New York 
                "Re: Duchamp”, Kulturbahnhof, Bremen; Emmanuel Heller Gallery, Tel Aviv; The Artist's Museum, Lodz
1999        "Jonathan Feldschuh & Leemour Pelli", Hartnett-Murray Gallery, New York 
                 "Size Matters", Gail Gates Gallery, New York 
                 "The Paper Show", Hartnett-Murray Gallery, New York
1998        "Abstraction", Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami 
                 "The Preview Show", Hartnett-Murray Gallery, New York
1997        "Convergence", George Billis Gallery, New York 
                  "Winter Show”, The Painting Center, New York
1996        Upstart Gallery, London 
                 "Dizzy Land", Social Cultural Center, Prague
1995         Galeria Zderzak, Krakow
1993         "Two American Artists", Young Artists Gallery (Galerie Mladych), Prague

Awards / Residencies:
2002         Santa Fe Art Institute, Residency
1998         Edward F. Albee Foundation, Summer Residency
1986         DAAD (Goethe Haus) grant

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