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NEW EDITION - Jackie Battenfield

Whirlpool, 2005
diptych, woodcut and
monotype on China silk
30" x 59", ed: 35


  WHIRLPOOL and its predecessors reflect on the depth, tranquility and spiritual poise of water surfaces. As is characteristic of these works, WHIRLPOOL is a multiple-panel image which trades on the interplay between serial and unitary imagery. Like SOUNDINGS before it, this new edition underlines the tactile, object-quality of its Twinrocker abaca support and the texture and visual character of the silk on which it is printed. The rich content of deep shadow areas produced through the varied application of inks on silk laid on paper is one result of these difficult and time-consuming techniques. These methods create the unique color, luminosity and surface qualities reminiscent of the long tradition of textile painting. Together these factors make for a strikingly vibrant and elegant piece that speaks to Battenfield's immersion in both Eastern and Western culture.